Care Certificate Standard 9: Mental Health Awareness Online Course


Care Certificate Standard 9 ? Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia & Learning Disability for Health & Social Care Workers ? Skills for Care Aligned. Welcome to our online care certificate standard 9 awareness of mental health, dementia & learning disability training course for healthcare and social care

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Care Certificate Standard 9: Mental Health Awareness Online Course

This mental health course online can be taken as a CPD course as well as part of our care standard full package.

The aim of our Care Certificate Standard 9: Mental Health Awareness Online Course is to make you aware of the experiences and causes of mental health conditions, dementia as well as learning disabilities.

At the present time, you may not be working in a role that directly supports these individuals, but it is important to have awareness in any health or social care worker role.

This is so that any signs and symptoms that you notice are passed on to other workers and that you show compassion and understanding when you experience any behavior that you find difficult to understand or respond to.

If your organization provides care and support for individuals with mental health conditions, dementia or learning disabilities, further specialist training should be provided.

This course will help you to deepen your knowledge as well as develop your skills and abilities to meet the needs of your role. It may also include opportunities to undertake specialist qualifications.

Learning Outcomes

The needs and experiences of people with mental health conditions
Importance of promoting positive health as well as well being of an individual
The adjustments which may be necessary in care delivery relating to an individual
The meaning of mental capacity, explained in detail.

Course Duration

30 – 60 Minutes


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