Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Conditions Required To Sell on Otutu?

As a seller you need to:


● Be at least 18 years of age, or selling under the supervision of a legal guardian or parent


● Take responsibility for all activities regarding password and account.


● Ensure business transparency and maintain high-quality products and standards. Remember, Otutu does routine quality checks for verification.


● Maintain price parity for your products, both in Otutu. For instance, you shouldn’t sell a product at a lower price on another platform than the price listed on Otutu.


● Grant Otutu access to your products, branding materials, and trademarks for promotional purposes.


● Invest in, or carry campaigns to promote your product.


● Ensure no product is out of stock. Maintain zero percent Out Of Stock Rate


● Maintain a quality Return Rate of less than 2%


● Maintain a Ready-to-Ship policy within 24 hours


● Ensure the product comes with a warranty where applicable

What can you sell on Otutu website

● Health & Beauty (hair care, fragrances, makeups, etc.)

● Fashion (wearables, jewelry, watches, etc.)

● Baby Products (toys, apparel, diapering, etc.)

● Sporting Goods (sport & fitness, cycling, camping, etc.)

Which products do Otutu website reject from Sellers?

● Tobacco & Cigarettes

● Medical Items

● Media Publications

● Weapons

● Pirated Publications

● Seditious Materials

● Obscene Images

● Vulgar Words

● Fireworks & Explosives

● Plants & Animals

Otutu seller’s fees

Otutu doesn’t charge sellers looking to build their business on the platform, not unless the seller gets to make a sale. Here, Otutu earns from sellers as per the Revenue Share agreement.

The platform charge a flat rate of 10% on the revenue share. For instance, if the Revenue Share is N10000, for a product that sells for N8500 and incurring a shipping cost of N1500, Otutu pays you N9000 and keeps N1000.